Lightning to USB 3 Adapter

SKU: VT002


Not all adapters were created equal...

Vteq USB to Lightning Adapter

- The adapter for Sentry Eyes app (available on the App Store)

- Built for Tesla Dashcam and Sentry Mode.

- Compatible with a variety of drives such as USB thumb drives and SSD drives.

- View videos seamlessly on iPhones and iPads with Lightning port and via Sentry Eyes app (purchase on the App Store).

Sentry Eyes App

- Works with our adapter to let you view Dashcam and Sentry videos right on your iPhone/iPad.

- View all 4 videos at the same time: Front, Back, Left, Right cameras.

- View, share, export, trim, save videos and so much more.

- Available on the App Store

Why Us?

There are ten of thousands of USB-to-Lightning adapters and dongles out there. However, not all adapters work the same way and only some of them work with Tesla Dashcam. Vteq Lightning to USB 3 Adapter was built to take advantage of iOS 13 new features and enables you to view Tesla Dashcam Videos right on your iPhone/iPad with Sentry Eyes app (separate purchase on the App Store).


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