What is different about your noise reduction kit?

While other kits only give seals for 4 doors, we provide a complete set, which also include the Front Trunk, Trunk, Mirrors, and other places. This helps reduce noise a lot more. In addition, we actually test our kit on our own Model 3 while other sellers on Amazon are only reseller and don't even have a Model 3 to test.

Is it visible on the outside?

Not at all. All seals are behind panels, nothing is visible from the outside.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, we ship world wide. You can enter your address before payment confirmation to know exact shipping cost. It's not a light package so shipping might be a little high.

How long will it take to install?

It will take under 2 hours to complete the installation from start to finish. If you're handy, it'll be even faster.

I'm not a mechanic, will I be able to install it myself?

Yes. It is very simple to install. Anyone can install it themself.

Do I need any special tool?

There's no tool required, only peel and stick.

Why shipping is a little bit more expensive?

Unlike other kits, we have more seals, which result in heavier and larger shipping package.