Tesla Vehicle Delivery Checklist (1 Single Page)

We know it can be exciting when taking delivery of your Tesla. With everything going on, you might forget important things here and there. We've created a single page checklist that you can print out and carry with you to the delivery center. This should help avoid headaches later on.

You can download it here: Tesla Delivery Checklist


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Missing some important data:
Bring fully charged phone to take pictures of any issues. Be sure to photograph any problems.
Verify Lien holder information is correct on Title (This can delay rebates/clean air access lane stickers if there is an open pending transaction)
NEMA 14-50 is not longer included with UMC only 5-15.
Verify proper accessories are included according to trim level. (e.g. Standard range does not get floor mats)
Review optional accessories not included and order in advance (e.g. NEMA 14-50, floormats, swag (claim owner discount on swag))
Check for paint drips, overspray and missing paint/base metal in joints.
Download App and verify account is tied to vehicle and can bluetooth to vehicle

Jack Brown August 19, 2019

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