Tesla Model 3 Awards

Tesla Model 3 is considered to be the best mass production sedan ever made. Based on recent surveys, owners' satisfaction range between 96% - 99%.

Below are all awards that Model 3 has won. We will keep it up to date as time goes on.

2018 Design of The Year



2018 Car of The Year

Popular Mechanics


Top SAFETY Pick+ 2019

Institute for Highway Safety


Golden Steering Wheel 2019

Germany's Most Prestigious Award


2019 Car of The Year

Auto Express


2020 Best Safety Award
2020 Card of The Year
2020 Best Electric Car
2020 Best Company Car

Parkers Magazine 


2020 Best Electric Car of The Year



2020 Denmark Car of The Year

Danish Motor Journalists


2020 Car of The Year (By a Large Margin)



2020 Car of The Year



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