How to prevent thief from stealing your Tesla

Losing a car is something that should not happen to anyone. Even modern anti-theft technologies don't prevent thieves from taking your car for a joy ride and then abandon it later on, leaving you with headaches.

There is a super cool feature that Tesla put in their cars to make it impossible for a thief to drive away in your car. The feature is call "Pin to Drive". With this option turned on, nobody can drive your car without entering a 4-digits PIN, even when they have your phone key, key fob, or your card key. This option is turned off by default.

Below is how you can enable this option:

  1. Tap on the Car icon > Safety & Security > Scroll up a little bit and you'll see the PIN TO DRIVE option. 
  2. Switch it on and Enter your 4-Digit code
  3. You're done!


From now on, you'll need to enter your code every time you want to drive the car.


If you find this tip helpful, make sure to share it other Tesla owners so we don't have to deal with the headache that could happen anytime.


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