How to format a Micro SD Card or a USB Flash Drive (Mac)

Unlike PC, Mac does not have the limitation in its formatting ability. It can format drives that are smaller or bigger than 32GB. Follow the steps below to format your drive and prepare it for Dashcam and Sentry Mode. 

  1. Insert the Micro SD Card or USB flash drive into your Mac via its USB port. If you purchased it from us, we've included a 4-in-1 adaptor for you. 

  2. Open the built-in “Disk Utility” app in your Mac.

  3. Select your card from the left panel. It should look similar to the photo below.

  4. Click the “Erase” button .

  5. Click on the View button on top left of the screen below and choose Show All Devices
    Notice the orange arrows.
  6. Make sure you choose the 2 options as in the screenshot below.

  7. Click “Erase” and wait for it to finish.

  8. Once done, open your newly formatted drive and create a folder called "TeslaCam", exactly like this. This is the exact name that Tesla software will look for. All footages will be stored in this folder.

  9. Safely eject your drive and remove it from your Mac. Your card is now ready for Dashcam!

Enjoy and remember to share if you find this article helpful.

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