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Mobile App

Our Dashcam Bundle comes with a free app. It enables you to view recorded videos right on your iPhone, iPad, one video at a time. (Android phones don't required an app).

Sentry Eyes

Sentry Eyes is an independent app. It's not included in Dashcam Bundle and doesn't require a Dashcam Bundle purchase. You can use your own flash drives. It's the best app to view Sentry & Dashcam videos. It enables you to view all 4 videos at a time. Via an Apple dongle, it works with all kinds of storage such as USB drives, SSD drives and SD cards. Get it now on the App Store

Sentry Eyes In Action

The Best Way to play sentry footage

sentry eyes app

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Our products were manually tested on actual Tesla cars and are backed by a great customer support team that will take swift actions when you need help.

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